Friday, May 25, 2012

Do you know what Mt. Olympus looks like?

What is this?? "It's a mystery!"
While I was in living as a volunteer in China, the United States Peace Corps took us on a trip to a place called “sanxingdui” which means “Three Stars Mound”. This trip was supposed to give us an insight to the 5,000 years of civilization in the Chengdu area of South Central China. While culturally impressive, we as a group became increasingly frustrated at the museum and it’s explanations of artifacts and their significance. Every time we asked a question that was a little deeper than common knowledge, our guides would smile, shrug and answer us by saying “It is a mystery!” While this may have appeased me when I was a kid, as a twenty something, I wanted more knowledge.
The earliest picture of Mt. Olympus, taken in 1913

I tell this story because recently I was in a conversation for a local podcast * and realized that the Olympic Mountains signature mountain is basically a mysterious entity, surrounded by peaks, rain forests, rivers and stream. Few people have seen and are not able to recognize the mountain when their eyes fall upon it.  Mt. Olympus is much like the artifacts at that Chinese museum. Mt. Olympus exists. People have climbed it and people have camped by it. Pictures exist of the mountain, but even pulling up a Google image search of the mountain leaves much to be desired. If Mt. Rainier can generate millions of images and many many dollars of sales for posters, why can't Mt. Olympus be the same? Mt. Olympus needs to not be a mystery, but the peak that attracts people worldwide to the Olympic Peninsula!

Is this the Face of The Olympic National Park?
Mt. Olympus, the highest point on the Olympic Peninsula, stands at 7,960 feet, yet there is not an iconic image floating around, sitting in picture frames around the world. I refuse to believe that this mountain isn’t picturesque! The Olympic Peninsula needs a signature view; we need to make Mt. Olympus the Pacific Northwest’s version of Yosemite’s Half Dome. We need to get images for the world to see of our mountains, our rainforest, and OUR national park. We need to let the people in desert countries see the millions of greens that make up the forest, the people in Europe need to see Mountains that rival the Alps and the people of Asia need to experience the sheer beauty that the pristine, untouched Olympic National Park possesses.

This is why, with great excitement, that I am pleased to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity with Exotic Hikes. For readers of this blog, I am offering a photography trip deep into the Olympic National Park to capture the beauty that the peninsula is keeping secret from the rest of the world. If you make it to the Olympia area, I will provide transportation to some of the most amazing places in the world. Contact us today!

You know you want to join us!!
 I want to take pictures of the mountains and high alpine lakes that will entice visitors from around the world to come and experience something unique, something beautiful, something that we all love, The Olympic National Park. 

Interested Parties should email or call us!



Hope to see you on the trails,
Douglas Scott 
Exotic Hikes

* Listen to the Whole Podcast here:

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