Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exotic Hikes has an exciting project and you can be a part of it!

A message from Exotic Hikes,

Today, it is with great excitement that we at Exotic Hikes get to announce our biggest project yet. Exotic Hikes is now in the process of putting together both a guidebook and a documentary on the Olympic Peninsula and the Olympic National Park.
What drove us to this goal was discovering a lack of information about the parks. Yes, there are books on basic day trails and the park system has information centers, but nothing has been put together combining the culture, history, and uniqueness of the Olympic Peninsula. Having grown up on the peninsula, we have had the opportunity to present the area all around the world. From China to Morocco to Iceland and France, every time we discuss the area, people look at us at us like we talking about a long lost land. From our rain forests to rugged beaches and our hidden, beautiful mountain peaks to the history of the cities, towns and villages, the Olympic Peninsula stands alone in the world for its natural diversity. The Olympic Peninsula has the ability to allow you to feel like an explorer, letting you to shrug off technology, stress and city life to enjoy the timeless beauty that is hidden in, around and above the forests. It is for this reason that we have decided to complete this project for not only you and your family, but for generations of families worldwide.
The meat and potatoes of this project are as follows. We will travel around the Olympic Peninsula, documenting the cities, the culture, the history and the attractions. We will take pictures, video and first-hand accounts of everything, making this serve as a guide to driving highway 101 and exploring the cities. We will also be writing up trail guides, mountain routes and tips of the trade to make your hikes more enjoyable. To better understand, think if Warren Miller joined forces with Anthony Bourdain and the writers of Lonely Planet Guide books. This is our goal, and with your help, we can make this a reality.
In order to make this professional and high quality guidebook and documentary we all expect, we are asking for monetary donations. While we understand that the economy has left a lot of us in bad shape, we are not asking for much. If you skip your daily cup of coffee, forego that of package of Oreos, or maybe you just feel extra generous, we ask that you help us make this happen. All money raised will go directly toward completing this project and by donating, you will be given rewards based on your generosity. (Located at the bottom of the page)

To donate, follow the link below:

We ask that whether you donate or not, please take a few minutes, share this post with your Facebook and Twitter followers, and also send it you your email list. It only takes a few minutes, and you never know, your friends and family could be the ones to help make this happen. Support small business, support local economies and help Exotic Hikes tell the world about the Olympic Peninsula!

Thanks in advance for donating, emailing and tweeting for this project. We will see you on the trails!

Exotic Hikes

Donation Rewards:
$1-$5: Thank you messages on our Website and Facebook Page.

$5-$10: Personal Thank you message from the trail, added to the film at the end credits and a thank you messages on our Website and Facebook Page.

$10-$25: All of the above and a calendar of pictures from the trip.

$25- $50: Producer acknowledgement on the film, live tweeting updates from the trail and all of the above.

$50-$100: Picture book from the trip, first copy of the journal written during the hike and all of the above.

$100-$250: Post-Hike recovery gift basket, with Outdoors DVDs, water bottle, ice packs, a book on hiking and trail snacks, as well as all of the above.

$250+: Personalized copy of the DVD and a special thank you before the video and an invite to a free hike or mountaineering lessons. Also included are all of the above.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A new video to pump you up for the upcoming winter!

So, I made a new video this week after kicking around ideas in my head for about 2 months. This is always the hard part of ending a trip, is trying to capture the feeling and emotions I feel when filming and taking pictures over 2 months later. Sure, I could have made it right away, but I think this does the job well and I hope you enjoy. I really want all of you to experience this climb and glissade, so get to me...I am serious!!!

As always, call me for a tour or whatever at (360)350-8938

Douglas Scott... out