Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Romantic Getaways on the Olympic Peninsula

Did you forget to get that special someone a gift today? Are you planning a weekend getaway since Tuesday is no day to show love or are you just looking for a place to be alone and take in the scenery of the Olympic peninsula with your love? No matter what your influence for reading this blog, relax, we have you covered!
Since Valentine’s Day is here, yet again, we here at Exotic Hikes have decided to compile a list of places around the Olympic Peninsula where love will flourish just like moss in the Rain Forest.

 4: A weekend away at Sol Duc Hot Springs, Olympic National Park
Sol Duc Hot Springs, thanks to Olympicnationalparks,com
                Nothing says romantic getaway like soaking in a hot spring, miles away from any cities. Buried deep in the dense woods of the Northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula, Sol Duc Hot Springs is a nature lover’s dream location. While the lodge itself is nothing fancy, isolation is key to this destination. 3 hours by car from Seattle, the drive is scenic, wonderful and a step back in time. Rent a room, a cabin or a suite and enjoy dips in the hot springs in between smooches and hikes. I mean, they even have massage therapists on staff, so check it out! Being located in such close proximity to some stellar hikes, this can be the jumping off point for adventures of love and hiking.  The resort also is home to the famous Sol Duc Lover’s Lane trail, so be ready for romance! http://www.olympicnationalparks.com/accommodations/sol-duc-hot-springs-resort.aspx

 3: Heart Lake, Sol Duc Trail Area
Heart Lake, Thanks to Aron Hess (http://bit.ly/yiEcDO
                Nothing quite says I love you like an 8 mile hike to a remote lake that is shaped like a heart, yet, they Olympic Peninsula gives you that chance. The Heart Lake Trail (8 miles one way, 3000ft elevation gain) is located out of the Sol Duc Trailhead. On this hike, you can see Elk, Water Falls, Mountain Goats and, best of all, few people. While this may be rough to hike in the winter, this trail is sure to give you and your love an adventure that you will always talk about. Pack a lunch and a bottle of your favorite drink to surprise your sweetheart at Heart Lake to make this place your special spot! Bring a tent and spend the night in the wilderness, rekindling the magic that you had when you two first met.
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2: Murhut Falls
Murhut Falls
                While not technically in the National park, this short trail is accessible for hikers of all skill levels. Less than 3 miles round trip, this wide trail leads to a beautiful double terraced water fall. With a short scramble down to the water, you can lay out a picnic and enjoy the power and sheer force of this intoxicating area, all while enjoying the company of your one and only. This trip is really underrated, as it is the perfect day trip from Seattle, Tacoma Olympia and even Bellingham. Located just north of Shelton, you and your love can enjoy the drive, the small towns of the Hood Canal and nature, all while holding hands in the dense canopy of the Olympic Forests.

1: Kalaloch Lodge
                There is no better place to rent a small cabin, cuddle up with your lover and watch waves crash on the shore day and night. Located a few hours from Olympia and just miles from the city of Forks, this is a weekend must.
View From Kalaloch Lodge
In good weather, you can stroll the beach, see whales, and collect shells and beachcomb, hand in hand, until you forget about everything else in the world except each other. The lodge is spacious, and even allows you to have your own, private, ocean facing cabin. In good weather, a sunset here is a timeless experience that will give you that special moment to exchange an epic, once in a lifetime kiss.
Winter Storm at Kalaloch, thanks to olympicnationalpark.com
If you are like us, you will want to watch the weather and wait for a storm to come rolling into the Olympic Peninsula to experience Kalaloch in its full glory. With heavy wind, huge waves and complete isolation, Kalaloch Lodge in a winter storm is about as romantic as you can get. Snuggle under a warm blanket and watch the storm slam itself against the shore. For the more adventurous, walk along the beach and enjoy near hurricane force winds and sideways rain to form a memory to last forever. Plus, if you go walk out in the storm, it gives you an excuse to cuddle and dry each other off!

We hope you enjoyed our list, and we hope you go and experience one of these this weekend. Life, like love, is sometimes too short, so enjoy it while you have it! Fall in love with nature and fall back in love with your significant other, all while enjoying the majestic, beautiful Olympic Peninsula!

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Douglas Scott of Exotic Hikes


  1. I'm not sure which lake that is, but it isn't Heart Lake.
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  2. Thanks! Will link to yours and give you credit!