Monday, January 3, 2011

Back by popular demand

So I am back up to my blogging self.
Last year just wasn't quite right for writing, but now I feel the desire to use words and stuff to express myself. Good times.

Starting tomorrow or Wednesday, I will be breaking down some important basic tips for hiking and taking pictures, including telling stories about how I learned these tips from doing things like tripping while carrying my camera around my neck and nearly breaking everything (including my nose!)

Until I write about that, I invite you to check out my Facebook site ( and enjoy some pictures.

Take a look at the sunset from tonight, reflect on how great this planet is, and sort your recycling or something!

I took this and then saw the plane...again, I am a lucky photographer!

I leave you with a quick story because I can't resist. So this Christmas, I received an ice axe from my parents. I am super stoked to start climbing for serious and started day dreaming about my future adventures. I was snapped back to reality by my grandpa, who described, in detail, how he almost punctured his skull with an ice axe just like mine while training to climb Mt. Rainier. I thought it was a silly way to phrase it, and drifted off to coming up with urban legend horror stories about climbing gear following teenagers home from a party and trying to murder them.
Turns out my grandpa was right and thousands and thousands of people are not properly trained with ice axes and do things like lose an eye or puncture a lung. Climbing is serious business and before you go up to play, remember to train, bring skilled climbers, and above all else, tell multiple people your itinerary and stick to it! 10 years ago my father and I decided to take a different hike, and ended up having to camp on Mount Baker with no gear because...  well that story can be told next time.
Happy thoughts of hiking and pictures! I have missed you all more than you know!
See you soon
D. Scott of Exotic Hikes LLC

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